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We need volunteers!  If you are interested in serving on a Committee, please download and complete the Committee Application Form and mail or fax it to our management company.  (Note:  the Committee Application is now a fillable PDF so you can type right in the form -- be sure to save and download it before closing the pop-up window)
Architectural Committee
The role of the Architectural Committee is to ensure the Architectural Standards are being followed to maintain a cohesive look throughout the Community.  The Committee also reviews Architectural change/variance requests to make sure that the size and style of a project, the type of building materials being used and overall look of a new structure adhere to the Association's design criteria.  Aside from keeping the Community looking cohesive, it helps to keep property values up by preventing individual structures from standing out.

Nominating Committee
One of the most important committees an HOA has is a Nominating Committee.  This Committee is tasked with recruiting and securing candidates for the ballot and present a slate of qualified, acceptable nominees for election to the Board of Directors.  
Court Liaison Committee
The purpose of the Court Liaison Committee is to enhance the flow of communication between residents of Coventry Homeowners Association, its Board of Directors and the management company to improve community relations and the quality of life for all residents.
When needed, the Court Liaisons will assist with the dissemination/distribution of information to residents of their respective court in the form of printed flyers, newsletters, or email provided by the CMHOA Board or the management company through the appointed Board Representative.  This may, at times, include all residents, or only those who do not have access to computers. 
When practical, the Court Liaisons may convey matters of importance or concerns from their respective courts to the Board of Directors through the Board Representative.
Social Committee
Volunteers are needed for the social committee. The committee plans community events, participates in setup and breakdown along with announcements. Community events are crucial to create a sense of community and bring homeowners together. 
Welcoming Committee
Volunteers are needed for the welcoming committee. The committee meets with new homeowners at least every three months to distribute Coventry's Community Guide, Architectural standards, key fobs and ensure that all their questions are asked and answered on HOA living.
Reserve Study Committee
Volunteers are needed to obtain bids on major projects and infrastructure repairs to better prepare the community to budget and save to have these things completed. This is for future projects to provide a projection and plan for Coventry's future.
Beautification Committee
Volunteers are needed to assess the plantings around Coventry. For example, the entrance to all courts, the front and the back entrance. Creativity and knowledge of trees/shrubs and flowers would be helpful. Let's make Coventry beautiful!